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Where the course meets the clubhouse

Founded in 2022 by a group of avid (and extremely average) golfers that love their city, West Bank Golf Club is the first and only Indoor Golf Simulator and Bar in Downtown Cleveland. Our mission is to bring the course and the clubhouse together creating a unique atmosphere that provides a realistic golf experience and a relaxing entertainment environment for all. Located in the West Bank of the Flats, the best sports bar and golf lounge in town is right over the river!

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What They’re Saying

  • Best simulator I ever played on! Shows a video of how your club face struck the ball after every shot, so helpful for making swing adjustments. Awesome drink selection and an even better atmosphere, highly recommend.

  • Wow! What a great place! My husband was in Cleveland for business over his birthday. I didn’t want him sitting in a hotel room so I called West Bank. I’m so glad that I did. Everyone I spoke to was extremely nice and with their help my husband had a great evening. He was very impressed with the simulators and the fact that the people working remembered that it was his birthday. They even discussed how great this place was in his meeting the next morning. You should definitely visit this place if you are in Cleveland!!

  • A fun and unique addition to the flats. Service was super friendly, helpful and attentive! Fun for a group or date night.

Downtown Cleveland’s First and Only Indoor Golf Simulator

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